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Samples of host basalts were sawn off from lava attached to xenoliths.Basalt chips free of saw marks, weathering products and xenocryst material were rinsed in diluted nitric acid and ground to powder in an agate mortar.Most of the 12 xenoliths analysed in this work are spinel lherzolites, many of them containing amphibole.A summary of information on the samples is provided in Table 1 of the accompanying paper (Ionov , 2002).Mechanisms of mantle metasomatism have been widely debated ever since the broad impact of that phenomenon on lithospheric mantle geochemistry became apparent (e.g. The geochemical study of the Spitsbergen xenolith suite (Ionov , 2002) together with theoretical modelling has provided evidence for chemical fractionation in the mantle during metasomatism by porous melt flow but did not consider the consequences of those processes for isotopic compositions.Here we address the possible effects of percolation of an enriched melt or fluid in depleted peridotites by applying numerical simulations of those processes to the radiogenic isotope dataset for the Spitsbergen samples, and incorporating relevant literature data for comparisons.We adopt here the classification of the xenoliths from that paper based on primitive mantle (PM)-normalized trace element patterns in whole rocks and minerals.Type-1 samples (in most cases without amphibole) have nearly flat heavy REE (HREE) to middle REE (MREE) patterns, moderate depletion from Eu to Nd, and a steep La–Ce–(Pr) inflection.

Another major goal of this study is to further investigate the impact of mantle metasomatism on radiogenic isotope composition of the lithospheric mantle and define the sources of the metasomatic components.Svalbard was part of the Laurasian continental platform contiguous with Greenland until the northward progression of the North Atlantic opening produced Late Cretaceous–Neogene separation of Eurasia and North America (Blythe & Kleinspehn, 1998) (Fig. This separation between Svalbard and Greenland occurred initially along an intra-continental dextral transform fault connecting spreading ridges in the Arctic and Norwegian–Greenland oceanic basins.Episodes of transpression and transtension along the transform plate boundary led to the formation of the Late Cretaceous–Paleogene Spitsbergen Orogen and associated sedimentary basins on Spitsbergen (Amundsen , 1987; Blythe & Kleinspehn, 1998).Ultrapure mineral separates were handpicked from those for isotopic analyses.Several handpicked grains from each sample were put on mounts for , 1996); the latter therefore are absent from the ultrapure separates analysed for isotopic compositions.

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