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The Office of the Surgeon General created an online tool called “My Family Health Portrait” to help you make a chart of your family’s health history.

This chart may be useful when talking with your provider or genetic counselor about your family history of breast cancer and other health conditions.

These gene mutations are more rare than BRCA1/2 mutations and there’s still much to learn about them.

Most of these mutations don’t increase the risk of breast cancer as much as BRCA1/2 mutations do.

If no mutation is found, the cancer was probably not due to a mutation is found, other family members can be tested for the specific mutation.

Just because one person in the family has a mutation doesn’t mean everyone in the family has the mutation. Other family members share some, but not all, of their genes.

If you were diagnosed with breast cancer in the past and tested negative for BRCA1/2 mutations before testing for multiple gene mutations was common, you may want to consider panel testing.

Now, it’s common to be tested for BRCA1/2 along with multiple other high-risk gene mutations. Panel tests look at 25-50 genes, depending on the specific test.

Remember, most breast cancers are not due to a gene mutations or are considering testing, talk with your health care provider.

Your provider can help you understand your risk and can refer you to a genetic counselor if needed.

About half of these are linked to a mutation if you or a family member is the only person in your family with breast cancer and the breast cancer occurred at an older age.

In most cases, genetic testing is not recommended when there is a low chance of finding a mutation.

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However, testing may give information about your risk of developing another cancer.

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